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CS Other Megastructures (CS 2556)

Term: 2015-2016 Academic Year Spring


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Thu, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (1/11/2016 - 4/22/2016) Location: MAIN MAIN KECK
Thu, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (1/11/2016 - 4/22/2016) Location: MAIN MAIN 226


Whereas the Apollo-era megastructure was an urban-scale island (a totalizing utopia withdrawn into its closed-loop metabolisms) Stack-era megastructures are discontiguous, polyscalar, perceptive and animate (linking molecular and ecological systems into common protocols of algorithmic design, production and regulation). This seminar is based on a series of public lectures and small seminars that will map, compare, critique several emergent megastrucutral platforms: automation and distributed logistics, machine sensing and distributed cognition, and the synthetic biosemiotics of energy monitoring and ecological economics, among others. Lectures will consider disciplinary questions of how architecture does/might engage these site conditions and how its own design and production processes (from project authorship and automated sourcing to the rhetorical aesthetics of drawing) enable or disable those engagements. The master class is meant to supplement students?s primary studio and seminar