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CS Code City (CS 2705)

Term: 2010-2011 Academic Year Spring


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Office hours:
  • By appintment @ LA City Hall, Room 701, 213-978-1195


    Thu, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (1/10/2011 - 4/22/2011) Location: MAIN MAIN 225
    Thu, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (1/10/2011 - 1/18/2011) Location: MAIN MAIN 226


    Since the advent of modern zoning in the early 20th century, zoning ordinances within municipal
    codes have fundamentally shaped the development patterns of contemporary cities, with significant social, economic, and aesthetic consequences. Code/City reviews the historic development of zoning in legal concept and practice, how zoning regulates land by use and design, the multiple layers of planning and development regulation, the decision-making process determining what actually gets built, opportunities for community involvement and influence, issues with traditional zoning practice, and current movements in zoning reform including form-based and context-sensitive approaches. Code/City assumes improved projects, neighborhoods, and cities when design professionals engage, manipulate, and influence regulation of the built environment and policyformation.
    Therefore, Code/City examines municipal efforts to streamline or wholesale rewrite
    zoning ordinances, with special attention to rece