No.  The limits are as follows:




Unsubsidized Dependent*

Unsubsidized Independent

First Year




Second Year




Third Year and beyond





*A dependent student as defined by the Department of Education is a student who is under 24,single, no dependents, and not serving in the active military. A student who meets any of these criteria will be considered Independent.


To cover the remaining costs, a Dependent student can be awarded the Direct Parent PLUS loan. The parent can borrow up to the cost of attendance to pay for any remaining tuition balance and living expenses. An Independent student will only be able to apply for a Private loan.



Graduate students can only borrow the Unsubsidized Stafford Loan and cannot borrow more than $20,500 per award year. To cover the remaining costs, a Graduate student will be able to apply for a Direct Grad PLUS loan.