Special Direct Consolidation Loan

Did you recently receive a letter about a Special Direct Consolidation Loan? 
Who is eligible for a Special Direct Consolidation Loan?
You must have at least one loan owned by the Department of Education and at least one commercially-held FFEL loan to qualify for a Special Direct Consolidation Loan.
This process will only be available until June 30, 2012. 
This is the website to go to when you need to manage your Direct Loans:  http://www.myfedloan.org/  Direct Loans were awarded and processed by SCI-Arc beginning with the 2010-2011 academic year.

Economic Hardship Form

This is a blank version of the Economic Hardship Form for your convenience.  Check with your lender(s) to see if they have their own version and/or documents.

(.pdf, 87K)

Unemployment Form

This blank form verifies that you are unemployed for your lender(s).  Please check with your lender(s) to see if they have their own version or documents.
(.pdf, 73K)

Repayment Plans

This link from FinAid.org helps you understand the different repayment plans for your student loans.  If you are experiencing economic difficulties, visit this site for more information. 
If you want to keep track of your loans (Stafford, Parent PLUS, or Grad PLUS), create an account on this site. 
If you have private loans, please contact your private loan lender.  If you do not remember who it is, visit Elm Resources for Students.