Our goal Financial Aid is to help fund your future in the best way possible. In order to receive a financial aid award letter, you must complete/submit all of the required forms and information requested from you.
 SCI-Arc Prospective Students
  • Please make sure that you click on the checklist that applies to you and submit/complete all of the REQUIRED information.
SCI-Arc Continuing Students MUST complete the following
  •  Renew the FAFSA every academic year
  • Complete the SCI-Arc Financial Aid REQUIRED forms


Title Description File type
  • U.S Citizen's and Permanent Residents ONLY !
  • If you are considered an Independent student, parental information is NOT REQUIRED.

How to complete the student loans process

Once you have been accepted to SCI-Arc you will received an award letter, if you are interested in applying for the Stafford and the Grad PLUS loan please follow these steps:

1.       Log into (Note: you will need your FSA ID which was used to complete your FAFSA.

2.       Click on Complete Entrance Counseling (New students will have to complete this the First year)

3.       Click on Complete Master Promissory Note - Select Master Promissory Note for the Stafford loan.

a.       Our school is listed as "THE" Southern California Institute of Architecture.

4.       Click on Complete Master Promissory Note - Select Master Promissory Note for the PLUS loan

5.       Request PLUS loan- Select Graduate PLUS loan. (This will be a credit check)

Loan Brochures

Please view the brochure for additional information on the Stafford loan for Graduate Students.
(.pdf, 211K)
Please view the brochure for additional information on the Graduate PLUS Loan.
(.pdf, 96K)


This link will lead you to our Preferred Lender List. 
We have compiled a list of private loan lenders who have the best quality of products and services.

NOTE:   If you wish to use another lender who is not on our list, you have the right to do so.

1. SCI-Arc Financial Aid Application

  • This is the Financial Aid Application for US Citizens and Permanent Resident Students ONLY! 
  • International Students need to download the forms in the International Student section.
Who should complete the 2019-2020 SCI-Arc Financial Aid Application?
  • SCI-Arc Continuing students, who are US citizens or Permanent Residents
  • SCI-Arc prospective students, who are US citizens or Permanent Residents 
(.pdf, 478K)

2. Independent Student Verification Worksheet

Who should complete the 2019-2020 Independent  Student Verification Worksheet?
  •  New and continuing students who would like to apply for Federal Financial Aid and either a U.S Citizen or a Permanent Resident.
What is the 2019-2020 Independent  Student Verification Worksheet?
  •  This federal document helps to compare and supplement the information you have provided on the FAFSA.
  • You are considered an Independent student, parental information is not required.
(.pdf, 507K)

3. Student Certifications & Acknowledgements

  • This page requires you to initial several paragraphs or statements including Selective Service, Anti-Drug Abuse Act, use of federal funds, etc.
  • Please DO NOT mark with an 'X' as the form will be returned to you.
(.pdf, 37K)

4. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Agreement


  • If you accept any federal financial aid (grants or loans), you must follow the federal and institutional standards listed in this attachment.
  • You will be required to initial and sign that you understand your rights and responsibilities. 


(.pdf, 494K)

5. Student Non-Filing Statement

  • STUDENTS:  Please use this form only if you did not (or will not) file taxes in 2017.  You must include any money from parents, friends, etc.,  that you used for living expenses
  • If you worked, but are not required to file taxes, you MUST provide a copy of your W-2 or 1099.
(.pdf, 475K)

6. 4506-T


If you cannot use the IRS Data Retrieval tool on your FAFSA please complete the 4506-T and submit it to the Financial Aid office. We will fax the form to the IRS and a tax transcript will be sent directly to SCI-Arc's Financial Aid office. 

(.pdf, 287K)

7. In School Deferment Form

  • If you have borrowed using an education loan at a previous college and if you need an in-school deferment, download a copy, fill out the top portion and sign. Give the form to the Registrar along with the fax number of the lender. 

NOTE TO APPLICANTS: This form is only for students who are enrolled in SCI-Arc.  Please present this only AFTER YOU HAVE STARTED YOUR SEMESTER HERE.
(.pdf, 159K)