On-campus employment opportunities are available and may be included in a financial aid award package to assist students in meeting their educational or living expenses.  Federal Work Study (FWS) is a program funded by the federal government and SCI-Arc to provide part-time employment for students who demonstrate financial need.  Students employed through this program are assisted in finding jobs on campus through the Financial Aid Office.  Most students work between 20 hours per week while classes are in session and earn no less than $16.78 per hour.  Employment may begin only after the completed work study packet has been approved by the financial aid office.  All state and federal equal opportunity employment practices are upheld.
International students are not eligible for federal work study, but may be eligible for institutional work study with a valid social security number. If you do not have a social security number, you will be required to apply for one. YOU MUST PROVIDE A RECEIPT FROM THE SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE TO THE HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT, BEFORE YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO WORK (NO EXCEPTIONS).
Teaching Assistantships
Paid teaching assistantships are available to currently enrolled graduate students who have demonstrated a level of excellence in their studies and are in good academic standing.   Time commitment varies from five to seven hours per week for seminars and up to fifteen hours per week for studios.  Graduate students are paid an established T.A. rate.  Interested students should contact the Financial Aid Office for all open positions, after the add/drop period is over. All TA's must be approved by the Chief Academic Officer.  Employment packets are available from the Financial Aid Office and must be completed and returned prior to the start of work. 
The Financial Aid Office and the Human Resources Office coordinate the work-study program.  A listing of on-campus part-time job openings is posted on the Financial Aid page of http://my.sciarc.edu .  All students should check financial aid eligibility in order to see if you are qualified to for in the current semester, after checking financial aid eligibility students should speak with the manager of the department in which they are interested in working before you pick up a work-study packet.  Work-study packets are available from the Financial Aid Office and MUST be returned to the Human Resource department upon completion.  Employment may begin only after the completed work-study packet has been approved by the Human Resource.  All state and federal Equal Opportunity Employment regulations are enforced.  All employees must provide a valid social security number and be prepared to establish eligibility to work in the United States within three business days of being hired.
Please note all students are only allowed ONE work-study position per semester. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Work Study Positions

  • Director's Office - Please see Paul Holiday
  • Library - Please see Kevin McMahon
  • Media Services - Please see Reza Monahan
  • Print Center - Please see Frank Cerna
  • Fabrication Shop - Please see Rodney Rojas
  • Supply Store - Please see Frank Cerna
  • Community Service Organization
  • TA - Graduate students ONLY after attending one semester

Job Descriptions