SCI-Arc values the diversity brought by our international applicants, Fellows who are neither US citizens nor permanent residents are not eligible for federal student loans. Therefore, international applicants have a more limited opportunity for financial assistance.

International Fellows are those who are not citizens of the United States and who do not have an Alien Registration Card and number issued by the United States Department of Homeland Security. In general, international Fellows are those who currently have or intend to obtain a visa for study in the United States.

First year international Fellows may obtain private educational loans if they have a creditworthy cosigner who is a US Citizen or permanent resident.

SCI-Arc encourages international students to research other scholarship and loan opportunities as well. To assist you in your search, we recommend the following websites to learn more about funding sources for international students. Most sites provide scholarship searches and/or information as well as general information about studying in the United States.

International Options

As International students are not eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid, there are 3 options available to you. You must be registered at SCI-Arc in order to receive the following options:
Work-Study is not applied towards your Tuition.  You will be paid bi-weekly based on the actual hours you work, International Student Work-Study is only offered during the academic year and you qualify to receive up to $1,000 per semester and can work in one of our on-campus departments.
Sponsored Loans
US Co-Signer Required. International student loans require a US citizen or permanent resident (Green card holder) as a co-signer. The loans are credit-based, meaning the co-signer must have good credit history, good employment history (or other income history if the co-signer does not work), and must have lived in the US for the past two years. Although not everyone can find a family member, friend or other US citizen or permanent resident to co-sign for them, for those that do, they can access private student loans on the same basis as US students.For additional information regarding the Sponsored.
External Scholarships:
For students who are not eligible for need-based financial aid, or for those who do not want to take out loans because of the amount that you must pay back, outside scholarships are a good way to finance their college education.