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Sponsored Private Loans

Sponsored Private loan: US Co-Signer Required. International student loans require a US citizen or permanent resident (Green card holder) as a co-signer. The loans are credit-based, meaning the co-signer must have good credit history, good employment history (or other income history if the co-signer does not work), and must have lived in the US for the past two years. Although not everyone can find a family member, friend or other US citizen or permanent resident to co-sign for them, for those that do, they can access private student loans on the same basis as US students.     

Online Application Process
You can apply right online, and receive initial approval in just a few short works. Then, you will need to sign the promissory note, and provide proof of enrollment and immigration status to receive your funds.
No Application Fees
There are no application fees to apply for an international student loan. There is an origination fee if you actually receive the loan, but that amount is rolled into the loan amount and does not have to be paid out of pocket.
Funds Paid Directly to the School
Private international student loans disperse funds directly to the school so that they can “certify” the loan. This means that the school’s financial aid off signs of on the amount distributed, ensuring that the student is given up to the total cost of their education minus any other financial aid received. Once this has been certified, the school will then disperse the funds directly to student. Pay your tuition, room and board, health insurance and books first - anything extra is a luxury!
Interest Rates
Interest rates are variable, based on the LIBOR or Prime - depending on your loan - plus a margin. Depending on the loan, the lender will clarify which index the loan uses and there will be an additional margin based on the borrower’s criteria, including the credit history of your co-signer and the repayment plan you select. The better your co-signer, the better your rate! LIBOR and Prime Rates are constantly fluctuating, up or down, so the interest rate will changed based on this index.
Repayment of an international student loan will vary depending on the loan you select. The repayment period typically ranges from 10-25 years; the standard rule of thumb is the larger the loan, the longer the repayment period. Some loans allow you to defer payments until 6 months after graduation, others allow students to only pay interest while in school (and defer the principal), and other loans begin repayment of both the interest and principal immediately once the loan has been paid out. It is important to consider the options and your ability to pay back student loans when reviewing the lender terms and conditions. You are also eligible for hardship extensions if you run into unexpected circumstances that prevent you from being able to repay the loan for a short period of time.

Canadian Student Loans


In Canada, there are 2 main categories of government student loan programs.

1. The federal program, called the Canada Student Loans Program (for full-time and part-time students).

2. Provincial and territorial programs. In 5 provinces, provincial-federal loans programs are integrated. You apply to only 1 place (your definition of province of residence ). As well, your loan management and repayment will be through the National Student Loans Service Centre. The 5 provinces offering integrated student loans are:

All remaining provinces and territories, with the exception of Yukon, offer stand-alone loans programs. You apply to one place to receive your student financial assistance, but will receive and manage two separate loans. To learn more about the program(s) that you could apply for, go to the Web site of the Student Assistance Office of your province or territory of residence.

Search the following pages for more details about government student loans.

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